Durante la semana suelo postear todo tipo de artículos en la página de Facebook de Lo que ella escribe, así que, si no quieres perderte nada, ¡hazte fan!. Estos son algunos de los más interesantes: 

My Bully Apologized 20 Years Too Late: "You’ll put it to good use because even though your life is better now, you still have a bruise from where that chair was pulled out from under you all those years. It’s an empathetic muscle memory that reminds you of all the other kids who are still getting picked on every day, and how much it sucks to feel hated when you’re still trying to figure out who you are."

Girls and Staying In: "Pretty sure my overall project as a writer/human/girl is to convince other people that caring what other people think of you, especially of your social choices, is an infection."

How to Wait Less: "The goal might sound great: run a marathon, complete a project, get out of debt, get nice abs, make a million dollars. But it’s a fantasy, and when (if) that fantasy comes true, it won’t be what you imagined. It will feel like regular life, not some amazing new life that is different than the life you had. Life won’t be better, and never will be, until you stop wishing for this better life and realize that life is already incredible."

The Kissing Sailor, or "The Selective Blindness of Rape Culture": "The unwillingness to recognize a problem here is not surprising, considering the rape culture in which we live. It is not easy to assert that a woman’s body is always her own, not to be used at the whim of any man without her consent. It is far easier to turn a blind eye to the feelings of women, to claim that they should empathise with the man, that they should be good sports and just go along with it. And the stronger the power structures behind the man, the more difficult it becomes to act otherwise. But if we are serious about bringing down rape culture and reducing the widespread violence against women, then we need to make it clear that engaging with someone sexually without consent is not ok, even when it is an uncomfortable position to take. Especially when it is an uncomfortable position to take."

Así se hace, Disney: 

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    Luego leo el resto :)



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