"If you consider a woman less pure after you’ve touched her, maybe you should take a look at your hands." 
Kaija Sabbah.

Mujeres con hijo¿qué sabemos acerca del discurso interno de una madre?

-Mi ex me maltrataba: "Mi silencio es por tu bien, mi desprecio es por tu bien, mis  golpes son por tu bien, para que cambies tu ‘molde mental’ y no me vea obligado a herirte…".

-En los comentarios del artículo "La cultura de la violación", que escribí para Proyecto Kahlo, se ha generado un interesante debate.

-But Men

-Danes y Dunham no pueden ser más awesome:


-"When I was a teenager, I was very critical of feminism too. I was a white girl, about to grow up into a world of white privilege, and I didn’t see the point. Then, the workplace discrimination started happening, then the sexual harassment, then the assaults, then the catcalls, then the condescension from men who weren’t as smart or accomplished as me, the sports coach who was too friendly, the male mentor with other intentions, the drunk male friend who won’t leave the room after the party so you can sleep, the car horns blaring, the groping: it all started happening at about the age of fifteen. I started realising that there was a large portion of the population to whom I was as good as chattel: I was an object to be acted upon.

I also started realising that I’ve been a female misogynist my whole life, and had a lot of unlearning to do too. Change starts with eliminating the noxious parts of yourself you have internalised during socialisation in a misogynistic culture. Feminism isn’t just about stopping the abuse of women by men, it’s about stopping the abuse we do to ourselves and others by genuinely beginning to believe we deserve to be treated as less than human." Vía

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