• No todo el mundo, Marta Jiménez Serrano: 'Es fácil ocupar el tiempo cuando tenemos un objeto en el que cifrar la angustia, hablar de la tía a la que él se tiraba cuando ella lo conoció, o del exnovio de ella que la sigue llamando, pero no es tan fácil ver qué queda después de eso, la ansiedad en espiral sobre sí misma, la relación siendo una conversación sobre la relación, los días vacíos por delante, los diálogos idénticos y vacuos, ¿quieres azúcar en el yogur? -pero ella ya sabe que lo toma sin azúcar-, ¿te traigo algo? -pero él ya sabe que ella no quiere nunca nada-. Hay parejas que se apuntan a salsa. Hay parejas que se enganchan a Netflix. Hay parejas que procrean. Hay parejas que se acaban'. 
  • No good alone, Rayne Fisher-Quann: 'It is a cruel and fundamentally inhuman tragedy that the culture has convinced so many of us that we must be healed in isolation, because being surrounded by people — people who love us, or care for us, or are willing to sit in the same room with us while we clean up our messes — is about the only way that I, for one, have ever been able to get better. I am lucky enough to have been changed again and again and again by the people who have loved me or challenged me; I look back at the person I was at eighteen and I hardly recognize her, which feels like a miracle and a tragedy all at once. Standing between me and my younger self are a thousand different individual experiences of failure and growth and redemption, each a moment of excruciating vulnerability being witnessed by the very people I wish could only see me at my best. It’s driven me to isolate myself, convinced that ritualistic self-punishment and pathetic martyrdom were the only ways I could ever make myself worthy of other people. I realized, though, that I was being a coward. Being alone is hard, to be sure, but it’s also deceptively easy — it requires nothing of us.'


  • Miley Cyrus -Flowers



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